Patio Passion Martini Knockoff

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Good morning, sunshine!  I say we start this week off on the right track with a martini for breakfast on this fine Monday. Who’s with me?




There is a place in Charlotte called Dillworth Neighborhood Grill that used to be a go-to hang out for lunch and happy hour back in the day when I was an Assistant Public Defender. Just to be clear – lunch and happy hour usually happened at different times. 🙂 Usually.




If you remember Happy Days and the Fonz, it was our version of Arnold’s.  Except we weren’t in high school and I didn’t have any friends named Potsie – even if we do share the same last name.




What in tarnation does this all have to do with this pink martini, you ask?




The Patio Passion was a signature drink at DNG that was my best friend at the end of a trial week.  Because when you have to explain to a jury that the smack in your client’s pants is not his and he should be found not guilty because of the not my pants defense…..




You will need the Patio Passion Martini in your life.




I hope you never experience either side of this story, but if you do, I have your remedy. Crappy trial weeks led me to recreate the DNG Patio Passion Martini.




Cheers to a great week!  If it sucks,  you can always have the Patio Passion Martini!


Patio Passion Martini Knockoff

Patio Passion Martini Knockoff


  • 1.5 ounces Triple Sec
  • 3 ounces citrus vodka
  • 3 ounces pink lemonade
  • lemon to garnish


  1. Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake and pour into a martini glass. Garnish with lemon slice.
  2. This will make enough for one average size martini glass with a small side car.
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51 Responses to Patio Passion Martini Knockoff

  1. I really hate when I pull my pants on only to look down hours later and realize they aren’t actually my pants. And then things only get worse when I find smack in the pockets. Clearly that would happen on a Monday. Love this post…and love this martini! Cheers!!

    • Haha David! What will really ruin your day, is when you consent to a search and the police find the smack in not your pants! Thanks! And Cheers to you!

  2. How did you know I love to drink martinis on Monday mornings?? I like this drink a lot and can see me putting down quite a few over the weekend. I love your martini glass. Is it vintage? Also, if I had a nickel for every time I used the “not my pants” defense…

    • LOL! You seriously crack me up, Karrie! I can’t remember where I got that martini glass, but it’s only vintage in the sense that I’ve had it a while. 🙂 I would have to guess Target or Crate and Barrel maybe? The “not my pants” defense is a total classic! 🙂

  3. OMG, Your story from being a Public Defender is hilarious. But, I can imagine needing LOTS of drinks after defending nincompoops like that! I love this martini, girlfriend! Is 11 o’clock a bit too early to shake one up? I don’t have anything to do but sit and wait for a very important package from FedEx… thinking I’ll be waiting here in the boonies awhile. Soooo.. i’m allowed right? Anyways, the color of this alone is absolutely beautiful and so fun! The flavors sound amazing as well, PLUS it was one of your Go-To drinks, so I KNOW this beauty is stellar! Toe-ts making this (maybe very soon). P.s is that bar and grille still open? Cheers, chicka! oh.. Pinned!! xo

    • Thanks Chey! We had some good times at the PD’s office over the years and some very interesting stories! I want to hear what is in your very important package! DNG is alive and kicking! It’s near the courthouse, of course. And who cares if you shake up a martini at 11 am? It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, my friend….. Cheers! XO

  4. Sounds like you REALLY needed one of these after a week like that! I’d love a patio passion martini after a bad teaching week. Even for breakfast. Hair of the dog, girlfriend! Looks amazing.

  5. Public Defenders don’t get the credit they deserve. I found myself sitting in the Jury Box during the juror selection the last time I had Jury Duty. Some poor kid, maybe 20 years old was on trial for possession of meth with intent to sell. The defense attorney said that his own family wondered how he could have such a job, defending ‘those people’ and asked me my view. My response: “I used to think the same thing until I asked a neighbor who was a defense attorney. She is passionate that everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty. So the young man sitting over there is innocent until all the evidence is presented.”

    I got a big smile from the Public Defender. And the People of California thanked me for my service and dismissed me from being a juror.

    I can see why Public Defenders would be prone to liver disease.

    • I want you on my jury, Cali! It’s certainly a tough job and always an uphill battle, but it can be very rewarding too. I felt like I really made a difference on most days.

    • Ha! I’m a pink person too, Linda. I think you would like it. It tastes like pink lemonade with a little sumpin’ sumpin’ going on. I’m still an attorney, but I left the PD after many years and now I’m corporate. It’s not as exciting or entertaining, but also not as stressful. My mental health is much better and I have time for hobbies like this blog, making new friends with fine people like you, and of course, brewing beer! 🙂

  6. I. Can. Not. You crack me up, girlfriend! I’m sure you have enough stories to write a book… Okay – I am passionate about this drink. And I just caught the end of an episode of Happy Days last night, flippin’ through the channels before bed…go figure (ha!) Love Potsy!

    • Thanks Annie! I probably could fill a book with some crazy stories. Maybe I’ll share some more of them here. I really miss Richie Cunningham….

    • Thanks girl! It’s delicious and easy, but I’m not so sure about the light. It will knock your socks off! 🙂

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