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Hello!  Welcome to Beer Girl Cooks!  I’m Rachelle and I am passionate about cooking delicious food and brewing my own beer.  Thanks for stopping by!

It seems that more folks than just my mom, Jennifer, and Lisa are visiting this little blog, so I thought I should tell y’all a bit more about myself.  First and foremost, I absolutely despise having my picture taken, so at the moment the one below will have to do.  If you are really curious, you can check out my Craft Chicks Hustle Harder post for a few brewing related shots.  In the meantime we are going to roll with the one below.  It’s the one I identify with the most.




I have a full time job and this website is one of my hobbies.   I think it’s fairly obvious that I love brewing beer and cooking too.  I’ve recently started experimenting with cooking with beer, so more of that will come later.  I started this blog because I was constantly making recipes and either forgetting what I did or had friends ask for recipes and have nothing to share.

During the day I’m an attorney.  Please don’t unfriend me!  I worked a bit private practice doing primarily family law with some estate planning.  I spent the majority of my legal career as an Assistant Public Defender and I’m now in the financial services area.  I’m good at litigation and suck at grammar and punctuation.  Don’t judge me.

I originally started this blog with a point and shoot camera, no technical skills whatsoever, and a GoDaddy hosted WordPress theme.  The whole thing was janky with horrible photographs, but a passion for food, cooking, brewing, and writing. After a few months, I realized how fun this is and how much I love it, I upgraded to a custom website, moved the whole show over to bluehost, and bought a DSLR camera.   I still have no technical skills whatsoever and suck at social media.  I’m fairly competent with Facebook and know how to Pin.  Twitter?  Not so much.  I have an account, but #i’msoconfused.

I have not only found a bigger passion for making food and cooking interesting, fun, and exciting, but also in that process an outlet for all this creativity that’s been cooped up since I stopped doing jury trials.  The really cool thing I have discovered about blogging is the welcoming, encouraging, friendly, and supportive blogger community that’s out there.  I’m honored to call so many of them friends.

Whether you are a fellow blogger, someone looking for a new recipe to try, or want to hear some ridiculous story, I’m really happy that you came to visit.

Cheers! XOXO




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