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Winter Garden Update: 3

I am not responsible for this tragedy.         These used to be tomato plants.         It isn’t my fault!  I promise!     It got cold here!  And there was no sun.     So it didn’t come as a complete surprise to me when the tomato plants bit…Continue Reading

Winter Garden Update: 2

I guess technically this is the third update because I posted the Winter Garden Harvest Salad.         I have all kinds of goodies growing in here!         As you can see, I added some romaine since the last update.         I saw it at Lowes and…Continue Reading

Winter Garden Harvest Salad

Ok.  I admit that it is not the most beautiful salad I have ever seen.         But I don’t care.     I grew this salad myself.     In my greenhouse.     Just me, myself and I.         Well.  Truth be told.  I just grew this.  …Continue Reading

Winter Garden Update:1

Look ya’ll!  My garden is still alive!         In fact.  It thrives!         Look how big my lettuce got!         Can you see the difference?  The one above is the day I planted it.         Here is it now!  Look!  It is growing…Continue Reading

Winter Garden

This is my greenhouse.     Isn’t it groovy?     It’s a little thing Chris bought for me this summer.  Do you like the stone pavers and mulch?  Chris did that too.     Sadly, everything I planted died.   Apparently I do not have a green thumb, but I am going to try…Continue Reading

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