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Craft Chicks Hustle Harder

I was invited to participate in an all chick event at Unknown Brewing Company.  There were women musicians, vendors and home brewers.  Guess which category I was in.




They gave me this shirt!  Isn’t it cool?


So Lisa and I brewed together on a Saturday to get our winning beers started.


My signature beer is a Vanilla Bean Bourbon Oak Porter.


That’s was what I went with.


BTW — did I mention that Lisa taught me how to brew?  She did!


This little tidbit will be important in a few minutes.


CCHH me and lisa brewing 2



Brewing beer is a very glamorous business!  Aren’t we pretty?



We brew together a lot.



It usually rains.



Remember these guys?



Well.  They dig.



And it rained.



It was a MONSOON!



And there was this big hole?



Lisa Puddle



Lisa fell in.






I digress.



But I couldn’t help it.  This pic is too funny not to share!



So we were harassing each other from the time we brewed our beer to the day of the competition about who would win first and who would win second.



homebrew alley



Here we are at the brewery.


Wait!  I have to fix my hair!



HB alley 2



Let’s try this again.



HB alley 3



And see those cool signs?  The bottle cap shaped ones?



Porter sign



My awesome friend Amy made those for us.



Lisa sign



Aren’t they cool?


Oh!  Guess who won the competition?



CCHH me and lisa brewing



Neither of these two sexy ladies.



I did mention how glamorous brewing is, right?






It is so fashionable that I sometimes brew in my Wellies and sheep jammies.



I have no shame.



If you haven’t tried brewing…



Me and Lisa



You totally should.



You can have a blast and make some really great friends.



Peace Love Beer



You must be wondering which one of us took second and third place?



This one took second.



Porter sign



This one took third.



Lisa sign



Did I mention that Lisa taught me how to brew?



She must have been very upset that I came in second and she came in third.



Brew Pot



She drove her truck over my brew pot.



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