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Caramel Apples Gone Wrong

I greet you today not with words of wisdom or instructional advice.



Or anything remotely useful for that matter.



Not that I ever do.  But I don’t want you to get your expectations too high.



This is a cry for help.



Can someone please tell me what went wrong here?






Because something went terribly wrong.



And an intervention may be necessary.



In case you can’t tell.  These are supposed to be caramel apples.



Caramel apples expertly and beautifully decorated with all things fun.






Clearly something went awry.



I actually did some research on how to make caramel apples.  The problem is that I kept finding conflicting advice.



One place told me to make sure my apples were room temperature.  A different one said make sure they are cold.  I tried both ways.



I failed.  It went on like this.



I bought some beautiful Granny Smith and Fuji apples.






Except the first ones I got via online shopping at the grocery and they were all bruised.  So I had to go back out and I got these Honey Crisps.






And I washed them real good to remove the wax.  Why is there wax on my apples?  Then I dried them thoroughly.






I got a bunch of these guys.






I unwrapped 4 bags of them.



That’s 448.6 minutes of my life I will never get back.






I melted the 4 bags of the little guys.






Well, most of them anyway.  Some may or may have not found their way into my belly.



I plead the Fifth.






I got all my apples ready.



So far.  So good.






And started dipping them.  I did everything I was told.


I spun them.  Not too fast.  Not too slow.  Upside down.  Right side up.  Scrape the bottom.






Then rolled them in various sprinkles, nuts, candy, etc.






They look ok for the most part, right?






And here.  Still ok, but for that one pooling on the bottom back there.






Things start to go horribly wrong.  This was also after refrigerating for 2 hours.






Everything hit rock bottom.



And turned into one unholy mess.






That is one darn butt ugly caramel apple.



But I am going to try again.






I will not be defeated.





























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